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                With every optimistic word and every smile,
I choose to live in a cheerful world infused with the divine power! 

Harmony of Health purpose

  Harmony of Health is a unique oasis for health that focuses on a wide selection of therapeutic massage techniques and approaches to improve or  eliminate  physical discomfort. The approach used to achieve these significant health benefits combines knowledge of the body structure, neuromuscular release techniques, trigger point, sports therapies, manual lymphatic drainage…
  With therapeutic massage, I effectively implement sessions with devices like Bemer and Infrared lights to improve blood flow which helps the body itself to start the healing process. My massages are designed to help you achieve the perfect mind and body harmony that you deserve. Nurture your body and soothe your mind with any of my therapeutic treatments that help to :
  • Restore natural body movement, 
  • Improve function, posture and presentation,
  • Release tension, aches and discomfort,
  • Improve blood flow,
  • Accelerate physical and emotional healing,
  • Help to co-regulate nervous system,
  • Resolve issues held in the body allowing enhanced health,
      harmony, vitality and balance…
  Harmony of Health was born from the idea of finding tools to develop your full potential in any facet of life, finding ways to improve quality of life and balance the body as whole. I’m passionate, heartfelt and knowledgeable regarding these techniques. I believe that corrective, therapeutic and calming treatments should be performed in a positive, nurturing, warm, and inviting space in order to truly be effective.
  My goal is to improve your health so you leave feeling happier, relaxed, more balanced, rejuvenated and ready to live a fulfilled life again.  
  Whether you live locally or are visiting gorgeous Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers …                                Please call or text to schedule an appointment with Sky 
                                                    You’ll be happy you did! 

Massage Studio

Places that enjoy or enjoyed
my therapeutic massages  
The Inn on Fifth Spa
5th ave 5.jpeg
 5th Ave. 3.jpg
5th Ave.jpg
Biltmore Bay Colony, Naples
Pelican Bay, Bay Colony, Naples 4.jpg
Pelican Bay, Bay Colony, Naples 2.jpg
Leciel Park Tower
Multiple Sclerosis Center of Bonita Springs 
Ms center.jpeg
Fundraiser for MS Center
 Chair massage.jpg

May every thought I think and word I speak be loving. May I be blessed with ability to make a positive difference in my life and lives of others.

"I close my eyes and say a prayer
Release my thoughts into the air..
I ask for guidance from above
That my hands spread
a healing Love!
A touch that's meant to reach
the soul,
A perfect vibe to nourish all,
The mind and spirit to renew
As energy from God flows
straight to me and straight to YOU!"
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