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Power Of Fresh Air
Hair in Wind

With environment being not so clean these days, we have to take matters into our own hands and take care of our home, ourselves ,our families and get the air filtered one or the other way. It is so important for our bodies to breath in a clean air, so it can serve our body in the best way possible.  Then the body can serve us in the best way possible. 

A lot of times, we don't realize how important the air and oxygen are to us. Try to stop taking it in, and you'll figure it out pretty quickly importance of the oxygen. 

The air we breathe is a mixture that contains primarily oxygen and nitrogen. The nitrogen generally makes up approximately 78% of the air, while oxygen makes up 21%. The rest are gases like carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, argon and others, also known as trace gases. These gases dissolve and are carried in the blood, and blood as we know travels through every inch of our body. Therefor, it is so important that we are conscious  of what we breath in. 

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