Do exercises you enjoy daily 
Even if it is a walk. Do it!
Even if it is just 15 min. Do it!
Even if you think you cannot find the time,
figure it out and Do it! 
Even if you don't feel like doing it!
Put yourself together and Do it! 
Even if you think you are not fit and feel uncomfortable, Do it!... because after few more days like this, you'll be a few steps closer to being fit that you thought you could never be.
If you cannot run, walk! If you cannot walk, swim!
If you cannot lift heavy weights, lift something light!
If you cannot do in groups, do it alone! 
If you are not feeling comfortable with how you look, put lose close, music in your ears, smile on your face and do whatever makes your heart sing and move!
If today you really don't feel like exercising, dance, play, sing, do some project outside, do some project inside, clean your house, do laundry, meditate ...Do something! 
Because tomorrow, you are going to be better then today!
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Young Joggers
Yoga Symmetry
Sporty Woman Lifting a Medicine Ball
Warm Up on the Beach
Outdoor Aerobics
Senior Dance