Positively Influencing Surrounding

       Environment and Body      


All cells of our body communicate through subtle bio electrical currents (impulses). If the human 

organism is healthy, all cells communicate with each other in natural harmony by means of the finest body-own electrical vibration impulses.  

However, if from the outside disrupting vibrations such as electro- pollution, wireless and earth rays affect the cells:​

  • the natural cell communication is disturbed

  • the cells absorb the interfering radiation and try to process it

  • the immune system is weakened

  • Symptoms and illnesses can be the result

Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) is generally considered the  combination of invisible frequencies in our environment including low frequency from electrical and magnetic fields derived from appliances, electrical wires, computers and TV's and high frequency from digital phones, wireless phones and WIFI. 

How does GEO-safe work?

A good example of how GEO safe works is a 

hanging crystal. The one you buy at the store. If you 

keep it up pointing towards the sun, you'll see a little beautiful lights playing in your room on the walls, 

ceilings, floors... That's how crystal brakes the sun rays in millions of "baby" rays, and they are so nice and easy on your eyes as well as your body. The 

crystal didn't stop sunlight, it just broke its rays, and 

made it comfortable for the body. That's how GEO - safe brakes all harmful rays into small particles, and they are not negatively affecting our body systems any more. 


Brief explanation about natural and manmade sources of electro-magnetic fields (EMF),

their affect on human body and ways to neutralize their negative affect.

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