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Environmental health
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 Short video which shows the impact of mobile phone  radiation on cells and immune system.   

The health of people and pets can be greatly impacted by electromagnetic radioactive pollution in the environment from electronic devices like phones,TVs, radio waves, wireless broadcasting frequencies, water-lines and magnetic field distortions producing ground radiation.

EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) radiation stress can produce profound symptoms that compromise health.

EMFs are fields of energy created by electrically charged objects and can be divided into natural and man-made. Examples of natural EMFs are the Earth’s electromagnetic field, electrocardiogram and electroencephalogram. These are a direct current fields which flow in only one direction. This is in direct contrast to man-made EMFs which change direction many times every second and are therefore alternating current fields.These man-made EMFs are divided into Low Frequency and High Frequency - known as Radio Frequency or Microwaves.  

Low Frequency EMFs are produced by the electrical distribution system – generating stations, pylons, electrical wiring, electrical appliances.  

High Frequency EMFs are produced by wireless devices such as cell phone towers, mobile phones, baby monitors, wifi, laptops, routers, smart meters, microwave ovens...


 Radiation in house picture.jpg

There are plenty of evidence to demonstrate that exposure to man-made EMFs can cause adverse health effects to the human body. A great deal of research has linked EMFs to chronic inflammation,    leukaemia, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, arthritis, insomnia, depression and such.

Geopathic stress concerns energetic fields from the earth becoming distorted by underground streams and other geological features creating zones of disturbed, unhealthy energy. Some German doctors say people were likely to get cancer after spending some time ( sleeping) in geopathically stressed places.

So, it is very important to neutralize all those radiations that aren't good for us.

I took a seminar with geobiologist Dieter Schafer, International GEO Safe Institute. The information we received was stunning! Check this out! Some interesting facts about EMF signals in the video below.


 GEO safe 

Mix of the crystals neutralizing many types of radiation, good for the room or house

GEO Safe  picture.jpg



Bags of mixed crystals for the

Phones, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets 



For clearing microwave ovens, wireless routers, smart meters, ipads, tablets, computers, laptops and any device that uses Bluetooth.

Home Gardening

Together, we can make our environment healthy for us today and for our families, children, grandchildren tomorrow!

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