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Organic foods contribution to nutritional quality and value

As some people have different opinions about organic foods, which is ok to have other views, to me organic means, REAL!

Like the old days when everything was done naturally, in healthy environment, with natural fertilizers, in the soil rich with nutrients, all done with love. That's what I call organic food. Less of stuff that our bodies cannot digest and more of stuff our bodies crave for. 

Someone has said that you are what you eat! And that is so true. When we put in our system tons of stuff full of chemicals and substances that our bodies don't even recognize , it has to end it up somewhere, right ?!  



Guess where it ends up?! If we are lucky, it ends up  back in the nature, and if we are not , somewhere in our body. Of course, our bodies are self healers and cleaners , but even the best cleaner when you put too much pressure on it constantly, a few times every single day, one day, it may just give. I say. I want my body to be functioning 100%. I want my body to be working as less as possible. I want all systems to work properly and efficiently. I want to feel good, to be in good shape, have tons of extra energy, be able to do fun things, be healthy and happy.

Do you want to be all those things?! Then organic is the way to go . 

I don't remember the doctors name now, but what he said made a lot of sense. He said that we should always try to buy our fruits and vegetables from the farmers first. Even though, it is not always organic, but since it reaches our table fast, it holds much more nutrients then those at the store.

 Besides, all those products, most likely, have been grown with love!

Crate of Vegetables
Vegetables and Herbs

The best and most effective supplements I've ever tried in my life so far  has been bought from Nikken company. Actually, any product I've ever used from this company was amazing quality. When I had a swollen and painful knee, I tried their joint supplement in increased doses. In about couple of days, I've had forgotten that I had any kind of issue with the knee, and I forgot to even keep on taking supplements.

   First, I thought it was just a coincidence, but when after a while my knee started bothering me once more, I took that supplement again and pain was gone in extremely short period of time. I'd say it was couple of days again. That was the quickest joint pain release for me. I would highly recommend this company for supplements and other stuff. They have bunch of different kind of quality products like magnetic technology items, water filters, personal care products and such... 

I've used Nikken for many years and many products. For some products, it's been, I think, over 10 years, and they are still performing well and are in a great shape. If you are looking for a really good quality, effective products, and mostly organic supplements, this is it. 

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