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Bob  January 11, 2020


I am a 72-year- old man, in relatively good health, that has challenged doctors, chiropractors and other massage therapists over back and hip pain issues to no avail. Skaidre has been working on me for most of two years with therapeutic massages resulting with RELIEF FROM PAIN, followed by some other non-medical procedures that has me on a pain free diet. Aside from x-rays that suggested possible chiropractic manipulation and surgery, I recommend the Therapeutic Massages using Skaidre (Sky)Bowman, as the days move forward. I know I will continue using the services on a periodic basis. No surgery nor chiropractic manipulation in my future plan.

Logo mano.png

Ricardo   April 27,2019

Well i could say Sky is the best we have found. She has been working on my wife for the past 4 months and we have noticed the difference. Her pain level went from 10 to 4. She has chronic scoliosis and in such a short time you could see her spine not that crooked, Sky is straightening up her back. She's able to bend down & work on her garden on her knees with no pain. Her hands are Gods miracle. She trustworthy, reliable, and flexible. She will work around your schedule.

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